The Hows and Whys of Concrete Wastewater Treatment

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Ready-mixed concrete providers require ongoing innovation to ensure that production operations do not produce excessive waste, which reduces profits and could result in environmental harm. Concrete wastewater treatment requires vigorous quality control as well as adherence to applicable environmental regulations. Recycling and treating wastewater are two solutions that many concrete businesses have adopted.

M.W. Watermark manufactures equipment for concrete wastewater treatment
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Problems with Wastewater

Processed and runoff water generally has a high pH content, and it is caustic due to many of the chemicals present. If this wastewater is introduced into bodies of water, the high pH level of the water can kill or harm fish and other living creatures. Significant damage has been noted to fish skin, eyes, and gills after exposure to wastewater. This bodily harm to fish can affect feeding, breeding, functionality of gills, and the fish’s ability to exist successfully in its habitat.

Adhering to Regulations

Every manufacturer must adhere to regulations at the federal, state, and local level. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency monitors and places limitations on the type and amount of wastewater discharged. State and local municipalities also have regulated limits regarding chemical composition and pH levels for process water.

Concrete wastewater treatment may involve obtaining local permits. Each utility has unique requirements for how and when process water is discharged.

Safe Water Goals for Concrete Wastewater Treatment

The best course of action involves actively pursuing a zero discharge manufacturing process by staying informed about current ways to recycle and minimize wastewater. Using concrete wastewater treatment equipment such as a filter press can help concrete producers recycle and reuse as much of their wastewater as possible.

M.W. Watermark manufactures equipment for concrete wastewater treatment

Instituting a recycling system can be both cost-effective and environmentally responsible because of the ability to recycle both solid materials and process water for future use.

Preserving the Earth for future generations and maintaining its safety and beauty for this generation of humans and other living things continue to be leading goals for responsible concrete wastewater treatment.

M.W. Watermark manufactures equipment for concrete wastewater treatment; filter press cake

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The Hows and Whys of Concrete Wastewater Treatment