Types of Filter Plates

There are three basic categories of filter press plates: recessed chamber, membrane squeeze (diaphragm squeeze) and plate and frame. Continue reading to learn the differences

New and Improved: M.W. Watermark™ AFPCS

In addition to automatically increasing the feed pump pressure during the filtration cycle, the new and improved M.W. Watermark™ Automatic Feed Pump Control System (AFPCS)

Sequencing Your Filter Plates

Extend the life of your M.W. Watermark™ wastewater treatment equipment by correctly sequencing your filter plates For your wastewater treatment equipment to create the best

Filter Plate Gasket Installation

As tedious as it may be, an important part of filter press maintenance is upkeep of your filter cloths and gasketing. Today we’re going show

Expand My Filter Press

Your filter press may have been designed with an expansion piece, also known as a distance piece. If you’re ready to increase its capacity and

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