How Recycling Vehicle Wash Wastewater Benefits Business

Recycling car wash wastewater is an often-overlooked way to cut costs, ensure company sustainability, and help the environment. Learn more about the benefits of car wash wastewater treatment and how the process works.

Why Recycle Water?

It’s no secret that humans consume millions of gallons of water per day. A typical car wash owner’s business pumps out 10 to 15 gallons of “dirty” water with every cycle. What if there was a way to recycle some of this water for subsequent washes? Most business owners aren’t aware that there is a clean way to do this: with a dewatering machine known as a filter press.

There are many models of filter presses available at varying sizes and configurations. Car wash wastewater treatment can help reduce costs by potentially lowering disposal costs. Plus, using water filtration systems deters possible usage restrictions placed upon the company and provides environmental benefits to the area by increasing the natural flow and growth of local ecosystems.

M.W. Watermark Car Wash Wastewater Treatment Equipment - Filter Press

The Water Recycling Process

Water recycling makes use of filter presses to separate liquids from solids. Filter presses can be purchased as new or rebuilt equipment. Instead of going into the sewer or out into the environment, water containing particles of dirt, mud, and other debris enters the filter press.

Up to 50% of the “dirty” water goes through a pressure filtration process and unwanted debris is removed from the water. Best of all, the dewatering process often keeps the cleaning agents in the filtrate for additional uses. By keeping dirty water out of the local ecosystem, car wash operators can utilize a cost-effective solution that simultaneously benefits their surrounding water sources.

For business owners hoping to one day expand their business, undergoing car wash wastewater treatment using a filter press is a no-brainer. M.W. Watermark provides businesses with filter presses crafted from high quality parts. With years of experience, we are prepared to customize the ideal wastewater treatment solution for your company. Best of all, all of our equipment is made in the U.S.A. by professionals who are passionate about water preservation and future sustainability.

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How Recycling Vehicle Wash Wastewater Benefits Business