Mining Filter Plates: Repair vs. Replace

Should You Repair or Replace Your Mining Filter Plates?

A functioning filter press is absolutely essential for the mining of metallic ores and precious metals. If even one component, like the filter plates, isn’t working correctly, contaminants can be allowed to enter our supply of fresh, clean water and soil. These contaminants may include everything from heavy metals and acids to salt and oils, all of which can lead to serious environmental and health consequences. So if an issue does arise with the filter plates, it’s important to address it quickly and correctly.

M.W. Watermark™ offers a wide range of knowledge and expertise on filter press technology and is one of the leading suppliers of filter press plates and other parts. Here are some tips on how to decide whether you should repair or replace your mining filter plates.

M.W. Watermark Offers Mining Filter Plate Repair and Replacement for Filter Presses in the Mining Industry

When to Repair

Because filter plates have to filter substantial amounts of mining slurry, they’re prone to wear and breakage. That’s why they need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Cleaning, in particular, is vital to keeping the filter press in peak condition. Over time, solids deposit on filter plate drainage surfaces and within filtrate porting. Operation with worn feed devices and torn cloths exasperate this problem. Dirty plates decrease throughput by lengthening filtration times. Up-time also decreases as the deposited solids promote differential pressures within the plate stack that break filter plates.

If you’re experiencing issues with your filter plates, they may just need to be power washed. However, there could be a broken or worn component that needs to be repaired or replaced, like a filter cloth or gasket. If that’s the case, M.W. Watermark can help you troubleshoot and make basic repairs on-site. Check out our free online video tutorials and stock up on any maintenance or installation supplies you may need.

M.W. Watermark offers filter plate repair services or replacement plates for filter presses in the mining industry.
M.W. Watermark offers filter plate repair services or replacement plates for filter presses in the mining industry.

M.W. Watermark Offers Filter Plate Repair Services

However, since mining applications are particularly tough on filter plates, some of the plates in the press may eventually need to be serviced. This is where M.W. Watermark’s filter plate repair services can help you save money before replacement becomes necessary. Our repair services include cleaning, plastic welding, and replacement of filter plate components such as diaphragms (membranes), seals and gaskets, air blow deflectors, slide blocks/rollers, and more. We can even rebuild or replace the handles on your plates.

M.W. Watermark offers repair services for filter plates from filter presses in the mining industry.
This mining filter plate has been repaired using natural-colored polypropylene for the welds.

When to Replace

Filter plates with severe issues or those that are simply too worn out may need to be replaced. It helps to keep spare plates on hand for instances like this in order to avert serious downtime. But if you do need to order new plates, Watermark can supply filter plates for many makes and models of filter presses, including Metso® (Sala®), Ishigaki® (Lasta®), Outotec® (Larox®), and FLSmidth® (Eimco®) as well as others.

M.W. Watermark Offers Filter Plate Repair Services or Replacement for Filter Presses in the Mining Industry Contact M.W. Watermark

M.W. Watermark is here to help with all your filter press maintenance and service needs. Contact us to speak directly with one of our factory-trained service technicians or to get a quote for spare parts.


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Mining Filter Plates: Repair vs. Replace