M.W. Watermark Offers Equipment Rentals to Fit Your Application

If you are looking for a short-term solution for a dewatering project, or a pilot unit to help you determine equipment specifications before making a purchase, M.W. Watermark offers equipment rental units that may be exactly what you need.

M.W. Watermark offers in-house Laboratory Services that can help you determine the most effective equipment, equipment sizing, filtration media, and dewatering techniques for your specific application. As part of this range of services, M.W. Watermark can provide a 250mm portable pilot filter press for on-site testing. Pilot presses are available for rental and also for purchase.

M.W. Watermark 250mm Pilot Press - Equipment Rentals

M.W. Watermark also offers equipment rentals on select models of slant plate clarifiers. Our Slant Plate Clarifier (SPC) series is designed for extremely efficient solids removal from a wide range of waste and process streams. The use of inclined plates is a highly efficient method for achieving powerful performance without sacrificing floor space.

Our SPC-20 model provides a design flow maximum of 20 gallons per minute, a flash tank mix volume of 38 gallons, and a flocculation tank volume of 62 gallons – allowing for a total pre-treatment volume of 100 gallons in a 70” x 60” footprint.

M.W. Watermark SPC-20 - Equipment Rentals

Another popular equipment rental item is a trailer-mounted filter press from our fleet. If you have an application that requires the dewatering power of a large capacity filter press, but portability is also important, then an M.W. Watermark trailer press may be the best option. Our customers have found that a trailer-mounted filter press can serve as the ideal option for remote projects, such as dewatering a lagoon.

M.W. Watermark Trailer Press - Equipment Rentals

For example, one of our trailer press units is a refurbished JWI press featuring 1200mm filter plates with a capacity of 100 cu. ft., and a semi-automatic plate shifter. Filter cloths are included. The manifold design is air blowdown/even fill, and is constructed of PVC.

M.W. Watermark Trailer Press - Equipment Rentals

The trailer itself includes several options, such as flexible side curtains, independently adjustable trailer levelers, stainless steel cake chutes, extendable slider belt conveyer, walkways/railings/stairs, electrical control panel, water wash-down deck, and mounted overhead lighting.

M.W. Watermark Trailer Press - Equipment Rentals

Contact a Sales and Service team member today to learn more about how M.W. Watermark can help you with your dewatering project, and find out if equipment rental is the best option for you.

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M.W. Watermark Offers Equipment Rentals to Fit Your Application