How Filter Cloth Media Selection Affects Performance

M.W. Watermark Filter Cloths: Non-Gasketed (NG) Filter Cloth with Latex Edging M.W. Watermark™ manufactures filter cloths for all makes and models of filter presses. Filter cloths can be sewn to the exact specifications of your filter press, providing for a perfect fit. All cloths are made in the U.S.A. in our facility in Holland, Michigan.


Types of Filter Cloth Media

The performance of filter cloth media is a function of fiber properties, fabric construction and finishes. M.W. Watermark can recommend the most effective cloth solution to meet your requirements for flow rate, filtrate clarity and cake release.

M.W. Watermark Filter Cloths: Mono-Filament Filter Cloth Mono-Filament Cloth

These fibers are single, smooth extrusions. “Mono” cloths have excellent cake release characteristics and resistance to blinding. This style also has lower particle retention. The fibers are similar to monofilament fishing line, with higher strength for heavy filter cake.


M.W. Watermark Filter Cloths: Multi-Filament Filter Cloth Multi-Filament Cloth

These fibers vary in size, but are grouped together in a single strand. While “Mono” fibers are compared to fishing line, with “Multi-Filament” threads, think “yarn.” The main benefit of multi-filament fibers is higher particle retention during initial filtration.


M.W. Watermark Filter Cloths: Mono-Multi Filter Cloth Mono-Multi Cloth

This blend of both types of fibers is extremely popular, as it encompasses benefits from both types of thread: strength from the mono-fiber, and particle capture from the multi-fiber.



Filter Cloth Materials

Filter cloths come in many different materials including polypropylene, polyester, cotton, nylon, felt, and many other types. The most common filter materials include:

M.W. Watermark Polypropylene Filter Cloth Polypropylene

Polypropylene is the most common material for filter cloths. It has strong resistance to acid and alkali alike. A satin finish can be added to the fiber to allow for easy cake release. “PP” is a top choice for a wide range of applications, and is by far the most popular material.


M.W. Watermark Polyester Filter Cloth Polyester

Often chosen when sustained operating temperatures are over 180 degrees, or when oxidizing agents are present.



M.W. Watermark Nylon Filter Cloth Nylon

This durable fiber is often chosen for its long life in the face of abrasives. Though higher in cost, nylon blends offer a durability that often justifies the increased cost.



Standard and Custom Filter Press Cloths. Manufactured by M.W. Watermark and Delivered Quickly.

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Contact an M.W. Watermark Sales and Service Team member to discuss the ideal filter cloth media and material for your particular filter press application.

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How Filter Cloth Media Selection Affects Performance