Filter Cloth Installation – Non-Gasketed (NG)

The performance of your filter press relies on the upkeep of your filter cloths. Filter cloth installation is typically easier when it comes to non-gasketed filter cloths, but it’s still important to get it right.

Below is a list of tools needed, step-by-step instructions, and a how-to video to help you install a new NG filter cloth.

Tools needed

1) Rubber Cloth Dog Washers – product number: 40014498
*Some filter plates use cotter pins instead of rubber grommets

2) Zip ties – product number: 40026739

3) Clippers (nothing fancy, just something to snip excess zip tie)

4) Non-gasketed filter cloths
M.W. Watermark produces filter cloths in-house, learn more here

Filter Cloth Installation Instructions

YouTube video

The instructions below may seem confusing without video, if you have any trouble with the video, let us know.


>> Filter plates must be power washed and clean

>> It is easier and faster to install cloths with two people

>> If the filter press is sitting on the ground, you can install the cloths while the plates are still in the press (as shown). It is not recommended to install cloths with the filter plates in the frame if the press is over an opening for cake discharge.

1) With the filter cloth on a flat surface, fold one side in half matching up the edges

2) Roll the folded cloth up to the centerfeed hole and fold in half again

3) Push rolled cloth through the centerfeed hole

4) Flatten cloth to plate and turn it so the top of the cloth aligns with the top of the plate

5) A second person should be receiving the rolled cloth and following step 4 on the opposite side of the plate

Top of plate
6) One cloth at a time, lay the top edge of the cloth over the plate, aligning the grommets onto the cloth dogs; every grommet should be over a cloth dog

7) Secure cloth dog with a rubber washer (or cotter pin)

Side of plate
8) Starting on one side, snugly secure grommets on the side of the plate with zip ties, removing the excess zip tie with clippers.

*While you are doing this, be sure you’re checking that the cloth lays flat, flush against the plate handle. Every set of grommets should be secured.

M.W. Watermark stocks all of the tools needed for filter cloth installation; you can find the product numbers above. We can also remove and install filter cloths for you.

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Filter Cloth Installation – Non-Gasketed (NG)