There are many options for filter cake discharge and disposal. This page is dedicated to videos showcasing some of the different options available.

Self-Dumping Filter Cake Discharge Hopper

YouTube video

These self-dumping filter cake hoppers, also known as dumpsters, can fit almost any sized press. They come outfitted with ball-bearing casters that make positioning them underneath your equipment easy. And when it’s filled, it’s just as easy to empty, thanks to a spring-loaded self-dump pin.

Filter Press with Horizontal Screw Conveyor and Inclined Conveyor for Filter Cake Discharge

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You will see 65% dry filter cake solids discharging from the filter plates into an M.W. Watermark supplied horizontal screw conveyor. The conveyor transfers the filter cake to an inclined conveyor which transports it to a storage area. From here the lime is picked up by local farmers and used for agricultural fertilization.

Rebuilt Filter Press (with conveyor for filter cake discharge)

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