M.W. Watermark™ Continuous Sludge Dryers, Replacement Parts and Service

M.W. Watermark understands the importance of keeping downtime to a minimum. That’s why we stock replacement parts and offer maintenance and repair services for not only our own line of sludge dryers, but also for models from other suppliers.

Infrared Gas Burners

M.W. Watermark’s infrared gas burners are designed for efficient heating and long service life. We maintain a stock of other heating system parts like spark igniters, flame rods, thermocouples, air filters and many more for quick, easy replacement.

Contact M.W. Watermark to learn more about our replacement infrared gas burners for continuous sludge dryers. Please reference part number 40026750. The M.W. Watermark infrared gas burners are also identical and direct replacements for other brands of similar continuous sludge dryers.

M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer Infrared Burners

Conveyor Belts

M.W. Watermark carries a large stock of stainless steel conveyor belts as well as custom drive sprockets, gearboxes, bearings and gears.

For replacement conveyor belts for M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryers, please reference the following part numbers:

-DM-200G, 20″ Wide Conveyor Belt  – 40023835

-DM-380G, 38″ Wide Conveyor Belt – 40000729

For conveyor belts and other parts for other manufacturers’ makes and models, please contact us for compatible sizes and part numbers. Our conveyor belts are direct replacements for other brands of similar continuous sludge dryers.

M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer Conveyor Belts

The M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer

The M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer is designed to process metal hydroxide plating wastes, and when used in conjunction with a filter press, is used to further dry filter cakes and can bring them from approximately 30% solids up to potentially 75% solids*.

*Typical results. Actual results may vary.

Our sludge dryer features several improvements in efficiency and simplicity over other continuous dryers, with a drop-in footprint for compatibility and ease of installation.

M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryers

These improvements have been designed with our customers’ requirements in mind, and include the following:

  • User-friendly PLC with full-color touch screen and fault alarms
  • Standard stainless steel cake hopper
  • Easy external service access to high-temperature bearings
  • Over-sized extruder gearbox with AC drive and inverter duty motor
  • Powder coating of carbon steel components for resistance to corrosion
  • Durable stainless steel construction of all wetted components

M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer Features

Our Continuous Sludge Dryer is Available in Two Sizes

The M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer is available in two models to best fit your capacity needs: The DM-200G and the DM-380G.

At full capacity, the DM-200G can process up to three cubic feet of material in an hour, while the larger DM-380G can process double that, or up to six cubic feet.

Visit our Continuous Sludge Dryer product page to view additional specs or contact a member of our Sales and Service Team for a quote.

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