Signs Your Filter Press May Need Service

Does My Filter Press Need Service?

The filter press is a complex piece of machinery, and even with the proper maintenance, it’s still likely that your press will eventually need service. Ensuring your filter press receives the service it needs is essential in maximizing its life and streamlining your operation’s filtration efficiency. Not certain if your press needs service? Read on to learn more.

filter press leaking oil

My filter press is leaking oil.

Oil leaks usually require immediate attention, and you may need service if you’re dealing with one. Try to examine the press to pinpoint the source of the leak. Sometimes, that source will be a damaged cylinder. These can be rebuilt or replaced, and these tasks are likely best left to an expert. The source could also simply be a loose fitting, which you can likely tighten on your own.

The filter cake is wet and slimy, even with new filter cloths.

This is one issue that can take a serious toll on your business’s productivity. You may be able to examine your filtration process to determine adjustments that may assist with the issue, but a trained filter press repair technician can typically provide valuable insight, helping to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Filter press components are failing early.

Component failure is never a good sign, but the fix could be as simple as an oil change. Fortunately, changing your filter press oil is something you can probably do on your own. Not seeing any improvements after you’ve changed your oil? It’s likely time to reach out to a filter press professional.

The press isn’t properly regulating hydraulic pressure.

Here, you may be dealing with several issues. Start by trying to reset your relief pressure. If that doesn’t fix the problem, your relief valve may need to be replaced, so it’s worth calling a technician.

If pressure issues are accompanied by an oil leak, you may be able to perform the fix yourself by seeking out the source of the leak and tightening the fitting, as we mentioned earlier.

Should you get preventative service, even when nothing’s wrong?

Contacting a filter press technician even when there’s no specific issue isn’t a bad idea. In fact, regular preventative maintenance can work wonders in making the most of your filter press throughout its lifespan.

Need onsite support for your filter press troubles? M.W. Watermark™ offers TWIC-certified filtration equipment experts who are fully equipped to visit your business, address filter press trouble and train employees on proper press usage.

Contact us today to learn more.

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