New and Improved: M.W. Watermark™ AFPCS

In addition to automatically increasing the feed pump pressure during the filtration cycle, the new and improved M.W. Watermark™ Automatic Feed Pump Control System (AFPCS) also controls air-blow even-fill manifolds with the option to control double air-blow. This effectively combines multiple filter press functions in a simple control box – for a cost effective solution that is also expandable.

AFPCS Controller – New and Improved – November 2018
Digitally Programmable Controller

How the AFPCS Maximizes Filtration Efficiency

The M.W. Watermark AFPCS is used in conjunction with air-operated diaphragm feed pumps to automatically increase the feed pump pressure during the filtration cycle. High initial feed pump pressures can build a very tightly packed, impermeable layer of solids on the filter cloth, restricting the flow of slurry, and increasing filtration cycle times. Reduced initial feed pressure allows a soft layer of slurry particles to be deposited on the filter cloth. Because this layer becomes the filtering media, filtration of the incoming slurry is enhanced.

AFPCS Controller on Electrical Box – New and Improved – November 2018
M.W. Watermark Filter Press with AFPCS

The AFPCS automatically increases the feed pressure in four stages throughout the fill cycle. These stages and pressures are fully adjustable to suit the type of slurry and the solids concentration. Cycle completion is determined either by adjustable times (feed by time) or by monitoring the feed pump flow sensor (feed by flow).

AFPCS Sensor on Pro-X Filter Press
AFPCS Pump Control Mounted to Filter Press

The AFPCS also incorporates a low hydraulic pressure safety shut down device. If insufficient hydraulic clamping pressure is present, the AFPCS system will not start, or shuts down, eliminating possible leaking from between the filter plates and the potential to start the feed pump when the press is not fully closed and clamped. The AFPCS features power ON, START cycle and STOP cycle functions. The controller also indicates when the filtration cycle is complete.

The pump kit includes the pump air pressure regulator, 20-meter cables, 5-foot pump air connection hose, and 1/2″ & 3/4″ NPT pump air connection adapters.

M.W. Watermark AFPCS Pump Control Kit
M.W. Watermark AFPCS Pump Control Kit


M.W. Watermark New and Improved AFPCS Features List

Key Takeaways

Automatic feed pump controls allow your filter press to run at its optimum efficiency creating dryer filter cakes, recovering more product and reducing filtration time, and increasing the life of your filter cloths and feed pumps. The new and improved M.W. Watermark AFPCS now effectively combines multiple filter press control functions in a simple control box.

Download our new AFPCS overview document.

Visit our Filter Press Controls webpage.

Contact M.W. Watermark today to learn more about filter press controls and if an AFPCS is appropriate for your dewatering project.

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