Why Every Business Benefits from Industrial Filtration Equipment

Not everyone uses a water filter pitcher in the fridge at home, but a commercial water filtration system is essential for many production processes. There are many negative ramifications for the business or property owner when the water supply becomes contaminated. No matter the industry, installing industrial filtration equipment is the best way to keep the pipelines pollutant free and preserve a valuable, limited resource.

Which Businesses Benefit from Industrial Filtration Equipment?

Just about any business or institution that processes large amounts of water or wastewater throughout the day would benefit from industrial filtration equipment. According to some sources, 12 gallons per minute is a good minimum for opting for a commercial-grade system. Water bottling plants, distilleries, restaurants, hotels, and schools are a given, because consuming polluted water or eating off dishware washed with polluted water is dangerous to the health.

However, the food and beverage industry is only the tip of the iceberg. No matter the industry, certain contaminants can cause crippling corrosion in boilers, pipes, and other infrastructural components. The ensuing breakdowns are time-consuming and costly to repair. Campgrounds, car washes, apartment complexes, medical centers, office buildings, spas, metal finishing plants, recycling centers, and pretty much any sizable public, private, or commercial space can use water and wastewater filtration equipment to facilitate safe and productive practices.

Types of Water Filtration Equipment that is Commonly Used in Industrial and Commercial Applications

As the need for water and wastewater filtration has become more prevalent, a few key types of equipment have risen to the top based on cost effectiveness and proven ability to handle solid/liquid separation projects. Click on each product link below to learn more:

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Filter Press



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Slant Plate Clarifier




M.W. Watermark Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF) - Industrial Filtration Equipment



Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF)




Click here to learn more about industries and applications that utilize water filtration equipment

In addition to helping both industrial and commercial establishments stay safe, cut costs, and function smoothly, filtering and reusing water is a sustainable practice that helps the entire planet. Many companies place particular importance on sustainable practices. Installing such a system can be a great way to help not only business processes but also the planet.

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Why Every Business Benefits from Industrial Filtration Equipment