Water Filtration and Reuse in the Concrete Industry

Over the past 15 years, M.W. Watermark™ has seen the need for concrete wastewater recycling technologies grow firsthand. As environmental regulations and overheard costs continue to place pressure on ready-mix concrete companies, more and more of them consider wastewater management not just a priority, but a necessity. From cleaning the inside of a concrete truck’s drum to concrete coring, floor polishing, cutting, grinding and more, wastewater treatment equipment, including filter presses, are now being used for numerous applications within the industry.

Wastewater Continues to Be an Ongoing Challenge

High volumes of water are required to keep the concrete industry running. In fact, ready-mix plants produce thousands of gallons of wastewater every single day from rinsing the equipment that’s used to mix, transport and place concrete. However, this concrete washout water is toxic to the environment, so much so that the Clean Water Act, among other regulations, places strict limitations on how washout is collected, contained, treated and disposed of. As a result, wastewater is an ongoing and costly problem for the industry. But thanks to advanced filter press technology, companies are now able to expand their efforts while protecting the environment and saving money.

Slurry Water Filtration Recovery and Reuse

A filter press makes it easy to separate solids from water. In the concrete industry, this means a facility can recycle and reuse the clean filtrate over and over, instead of having to waste gallons of fresh water every day. It also helps keep contaminated water out of the sewers, ground, lakes and rivers in order to comply with local and federal standards.

With the growing need to reuse water in the concrete industry, filter presses can aid in the following applications:

  • Ready-mix reclaim systems
  • Ready-mix and precast concrete washout pits
  • Block grinding
  • Concrete cutting and grinding
  • And more…
M.W. Watermark manufactures filter presses for concrete wastewater applications
Filter Press for Concrete Wastewater Applications


Learn More about Filter Presses for the Concrete Industry

If you’re looking for ways to better manage concrete wastewater at your facility to cut costs and avoid penalties, reach out to the team at M.W. Watermark. View our concrete washout water filtration case study, or contact us today to see how our concrete wastewater recycling solutions can support your business.

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Water Filtration and Reuse in the Concrete Industry