Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Industries and Applications

M.W. Watermark Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Industries and Applications

M.W. Watermark’s wastewater treatment equipment has been successfully integrated into various commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

Below is an overview of just a few of the industries and applications we have experience in. We invite you to visit the Industries and Applications section of our website to see more.

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Concrete Wastewater Recycling

M.W. Watermark provides concrete production companies with sustainable concrete wastewater treatment equipment solutions that allow them to recycle nearly 100 percent of their wastewater.

A filter press system separates cement particles from washout water and the recycled water can be reused to blend new concrete. The filtrate is free of solids and excess reusable water can be easily disposed.

Success Story: Osborne Concrete Company

We recently worked with Osborne Concrete Company, a Michigan-based ready-mixed concrete company that now uses a filter press to recycle the water used to clean out their trucks. The addition of a filter press into their current wastewater recycling process allowed them to re-use the water to make more concrete or to wash trucks.

M.W. Watermark - Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Industries and Applications M.W. Watermark - Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Industries and Applications

Read the full Osborne Concrete Company case study.

Visit our Concrete Wastewater Recycling webpage for more information.

Car and Truck Wash – Wastewater Treatment

Whether you’ve owned a car or truck wash for decades, are planning an expansion, or are interested in cutting costs, water recycling and reusing wastewater has numerous benefits for your business.

M.W. Watermark - Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Industries and Applications

As water restrictions increase to combat waning resources, it’s a smart idea to consider recycling water to combat costs, sewer availability issues, environmental impact, and limitations caused by drought.

While there are many ways to begin reusing your wastewater, one of the easiest and most efficient upgrades to make is to begin using a filter press.

Visit our Car and Truck Wash Wastewater Treatment webpage to learn more.

Sustainable Lime Softening Solutions

M.W. Watermark filter presses have been used in the lime softening process. After the water is softened by the use of lime, the precipitated solids must be removed before the water can be used for drinking.

By using a filter press, lime slurry generated in clarifiers can be dewatered using pressure filtration.

The resulting filter cake, consisting primarily of lime, can then be easily disposed of or even used by farmers as a soil amendment. The clear filtrate, or liquid, that results from this process is ready for the next step in the water treatment process.

Success Story: Aqua America

M.W. Watermark partnered with Aqua America, a company that provides drinking water solutions to numerous communities, including Massillon, Ohio. The company needed a way to filter and responsibly dispose of the large amounts of lime and byproducts generated in its facility.

We built a water treatment solution specifically designed for this naturally hard water. Our team of experts designed, built, and started up two M.W. Watermark 1500mm filter presses in their facility to dewater the lime slurry.

The filter cake discharges onto a horizontal screw conveyor supplied by M.W. Watermark to transfer the lime cake and dispose of it responsibly – by providing it to local farmers to use as a soil amendment.

M.W. Watermark - Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Industries and Applications M.W. Watermark - Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Industries and Applications

Visit our Lime Softening Solutions webpage for more information.

Recycle and Save with Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Every year, 1.165 billion gallons of water are filtered through M.W. Watermark filter presses, and that number is growing by about 20% every year. That equals out to about 4.7 million gallons per day, based on a work year with 250 days of operation.

View our Recycle and Save infographic on our website to learn more about how wastewater treatment equipment can help save money by reusing water across a variety of industries.

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Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Industries and Applications