Top Benefits of Buying a Rebuilt Filter Press

From car washes to chemical processing, various industries rely on effective water treatment equipment for everyday use. 

M.W. Watermark - Rebuilt Filter Press
M.W. Watermark Rebuilt Filter Press

Replacing water treatment equipment—particularly a large capacity filter press—can be a substantial capital investment. However, purchasing a rebuilt filter press can be a great investment and alternative to purchasing new. When considering this option, there are a few things businesses need to keep in mind:

A Rebuilt Filter Press Is Cost Effective

Businesses today must operate at high efficiency while keeping costs low. Our rebuilt equipment will allow you to achieve dependable results while maintaining a reasonable budget. We handle all refurbishments in-house. Additionally, each piece of our re-manufactured equipment undergoes a comprehensive quality control check under the watchful eyes of M.W. Watermark’s skilled professionals.

We perform the following work when rebuilding used filter presses:

  • Complete any needed structural repairs.
  • Overhaul hydraulic and mechanical systems.
  • Power wash filter plates.
  • Replace all filter cloths and gaskets with new parts.
  • Sand-blast and repaint for a clean, professional appearance.
M.W. Watermark - Rebuilt Filter Press
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It’s Good for the Environment

Although it may be a small gesture, rebuilt equipment is eco-friendly. When companies purchase equipment, such as a rebuilt filter press, they’re giving back to mother nature in a big way. Not only are they saving on manufacturing costs, but they are also recycling old equipment and contributing to positive change in the Earth’s ecosystem by reducing their carbon footprint.

Take the Next Step

M.W. Watermark offers a complete rebuilding service of  water and wastewater treatment equipment that is second-to-none. We use the same standards to rebuild equipment as we do to build new, so you can be assured that you are getting quality equipment you can rely on.

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Top Benefits of Buying a Rebuilt Filter Press