Slant Plate vs. Low Profile Clarifier


M.W. Watermark Slant Plate Clarifier (SPC)

Slant plate clarifiers (also referred to as “inclined plate clarifiers”) have been used in industrial wastewater treatment processes to provide efficient solids removal across a wide range of applications.

One of the main advantages of SPCs over conventional horizontal clarifiers is the use of a series of inclined plates. This inclined plate design allows the settling area to be as much as 10 times more than the actual floor space occupied by the clarifier.

This helps you to achieve the maximum square footage out of your production floor space, which translates into greater efficiencies and cost savings for your operation.

M.W. Watermark Slant Plate Clarifier Floor Space Requirement Diagram

Another advantage of SPCs over traditional clarifiers is the general lack of moving parts. Oftentimes the only electrical/mechanical components are the influent pump and flash/flocculation tank mixers. This translates into less chance for mechanical failure, a safer environment and cost savings in energy.

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M.W. Watermark Low Profile Clarifier: LPC-4-330

The low profile clarifier design also utilizes inclined plates to achieve a significant reduction in floor space. The LPC design increases in width as the design flow rate increases, without increasing the height of the tank. Because the height of the tank does not change, the LPC is ideal for low ceiling installations.

The LPC can also handle flow rates up to 1,100 GPM, which makes it ideally suited for low profile applications.


  • Standard models up to 300 GPM (LPC-4 Series) and up to 1,100 GPM (LPC-8 Series).
  • Compact size minimizes floor space requirements.
  • Heavy duty steel construction, welds are dye penetrant tested.
  • Carbon steel units are sandblasted and two coats of epoxy applied to ensure full coverage and superior chemical resistance.
  • 1/8″ polypropylene plates standard.
  • Sludge outlet flanges.
  • Access hatches standard.


In addition to the standard features, our low profile clarifiers can also be equipped with:

  • Chemical Addition Tanks (CAT) – Chemical pre-treatment for optimal solids removal. Tanks include mixers, chemical pumps and NEMA 4X UL-508A labeled panel.
  • Influent feed, sludge discharge and effluent pumps.
  • Custom designs available.
  • PolyMark™ polymer delivery systems.
Low Profile Clarifier (LPC) Diagram
M.W. Watermark offers two series of low profile clarifiers, depending on ceiling height and design flow needs.

The LPC-4 Series offers a design flow maximum ranging from 30 to 300 GPM. – Download brochure

The LPC-8 Series ranges from 165 to 1,100 GPM. – Download brochure

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Both M.W. Watermark’s slant plate and low profile clarifier series are designed to be tough and dependable, while at the same time being sensitive to tight budgets and maximizing production space.

Generally, the type and size of clarifier needed depends on the specific application and location, including design flow needs, floor space and ceiling height.

M.W. Watermark has a team of experts on staff that can work with you to recommend the best solution for your particular application. Contact us today!


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Slant Plate vs. Low Profile Clarifier