Mining Filter Plate Repair

M.W. Watermark offers filter plate repair services or replacement plates for filter presses in the mining industry.

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In Industrial Mining Operations, filter press plates must withstand significant pressure and high volumes of slurry daily. M.W. Watermark offers high-density polypropylene filter plate repair and replacement services to help keep your operation moving forward.

Our repair capabilities include:

  • Cleaning: Our techs will thoroughly wash the plates and restore them to like-new condition
  • Welding: We perform plastic welding to address cracks, air blow erosion, solids abrasion, sealing-surface imperfections, stripped hardware inserts and more
  • Replacement Parts: Your filter plates might require new diaphragms (if replaceable), plate packing (gasketing/packing seaks/collars), air blow deflectors, handles, slide blocks, wear pads and other plastic, rubber, or metal components

Whenever possible, we recommend repairing filter plates both from an environmental and cost-savings standpoint. Depending on the size and type, new plates can cost anywhere from 2 to 10 times the cost of repair.


Filter plates need to be inspected on a regular basis due to filtering substantial amounts of mining slurry. Cleaning is vital to keeping the filter press in peak condition. If you are experiencing issues, try power-washing your filter plates. This may help relieve the solid deposits on the filter plate drainage surfaces within filtrate porting. If you notice that there are broken or worn components to the filter plate, such as the filter cloth or gasket, M.W. Watermark can help you troubleshoot and make basic repairs on site.

M.W. Watermark Offers Polypropylene Filter Plate Repair Services; mining plate repair

Please visit our video library for repair help.


If you notice that your filter plate has severe issues or are simply too worn out to be repaired, your plates may need to be replaced. It is always helpful to keep spare plates on hand for instances like this to avoid serious downtime. If you do need to order new plates, M.W. Watermark can supply filter plates for many makes and models of filter presses.

If you need a Gasketed Filter Plate – please visit the CGR Plate Template

If you need to Non-Gasketed Filter Plate, please visit the NGR Plate Template

For any additional help you may need, please contact us.

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