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M.W. Watermark maintains an in-house laboratory for determining the most effective equipment, equipment sizing filtration media, and dewatering techniques for your specific application.

Dewaterability Laboratory

Our In-House Laboratory is a tool to determine the optimum treatment, chemicals, dosages, and conditions for your equipment.  Our services range from feasibility testing of your materials to providing small portable pilot filter press units for on-site testing. With this range of services, we can determine the most effective feed pressures, fill times, filter media and sludge conditioning.

For on-site testing, we offer a 250mm Pilot Filter Press and a 320mm Pilot Filter Press. Utilizing these pilot filter presses can ensure a more informed equipment purchase and help maintain maximum performance of your current filter press.

M.W. Watermark also manufactures a 75mm plate and frame laboratory filter press with an optional safety hood for lab scale dewatering trials. Please visit the lab press sales drawings or connect with us  today for more information on this.

In addition to the filter press, M.W. Watermark offers Frazier Air Permeability Testing. A sample is placed on the machine and air is drawn through the fabric. The rate of air flow passing through a fabric sample is adjusted to find an air pressure differential between two fabric surfaces. This allows us to determine the air permeability of a particular filter cloth fabric, utilizing the ASTM D 737-96 standard test method for textile fabrics. Once we have tested the air permeability of a filter cloth fabric, our lab technicians are able to determine the filtration characteristics and determine if a given fabric is ideal for a customer’s particular dewatering application.

Frazier Air Permeability Testing

In the following video, we tested a potential solution for a customer who sent us a slurry sample from a small waste stream that they wanted to dewater. Following test trials, we were able to make dewatering recommendations as well as supply analytical data supporting our recommendations.

Lab results can help you ensure a better-informed equipment purchase or maintain maximum performances of your current filter press. For utilize our laboratory service, please download and submit the M.W. Watermark Lab form. A trained service expert will then review your form with you and discuss your specific application. If you are not ready to fill out a laboratory form but have questions, please contact us and an expert will be in touch with you regarding your questions.

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