In-House Fabrication – Industrial Filtration Equipment

In-House Welding, Fabrication, Sand-Blasting, Painting and Assembly Assures Top Quality Equipment for Our Customers

In-House Fabrication - Industrial Filtration Equipment; Filter Presses Manufactured in Holland, Michigan, U.S.A.; In-house painting and filter press assembly

When you buy industrial filtration equipment from M.W. Watermark™, you’re buying a product that was designed and fabricated right here in our Holland, Michigan facility.

M.W. Watermark is a leading filter press manufacturer in the United States; filter press assembly

We realize the best way to provide reliable, durable, high-quality filtration equipment to our customers is to oversee every aspect of production.

M.W. Watermark Industrial Filtration Equipment; In-House Welding and Fabrication; filter press assembly

That’s why we practice in-house welding, fabrication, sand-blasting, painting and assembly. The result is a piece of equipment that looks great, performs reliably, and meets our high standards of excellence.

M.W. Watermark In-House Welding and Fabrication - Sludge Dryer Cake Hopper

Only the best materials are used by our engineers when constructing our filter presses, clarifiers, sludge dryers, polymer blenders and other wastewater treatment equipment. Our fabrication system is detail-oriented, efficient, and fast.

M.W. Watermark In-House Fabrication - Sludge Dryer

We have a large stock of machined components for quick lead times. From stock presses and clarifiers to customized machines, we have the resources, personnel, and drive to offer the unique solutions you seek.

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