Sales Literature

Aftermarket Accessories Sheet
Air Operated Hydraulics Rebuild Kits
Air-Operated Diaphragm Feed Pump
CGR Filter Press Service Toolkit
Continuous Sludge Dryer Brochure
Continuous Sludge Dryer Data Sheet
Diaphragm Squeeze
Electro-Hydraulic Retrofit Questionnaire
Filter Cake Dumpster Sizes and Accessories Sheet
Filter Cloth Template – CGR (gasketed)
Filter Cloth Template – NG (non-gasketed)
Filter Cloths Product Guide
Filter Plate Safety Shifter Guard
Filter Plate Template – CGR (gasketed)
Filter Plate Template – NG (non-gasketed)
Filter Press Automatic Cloth Washer
Filter Press Automatic Feed Pump Control System (AFPCS)
Filter Press Automatic Plate Shifter
Filter Press Blanking Plate
Filter Press Cake Hopper
Filter Press Enduroliner Coating
Filter Press Expansion Piece
Filter Press Extended Legs and Chute
Filter Press Feed Pump Options
Filter Press Hydraulic Pressure Switch
Filter Press Manifold Layout
Filter Press Parts Brochure
Filter Press Platforms
Filter Press Safety Guards
Filter Press Safety Light Curtains
Filter Press Safety Trip Wire
Filter Press Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter
Filter Press Splash Curtain
Low Profile clarifier – 8 series Brochure
Low Profile Clarifier- 4 series Brochure
Mobile Filter Press Units Rental Program
Oil Coalescing Separator (OCS) Brochure
Plate Shifter Hydraulic Retrofit Questionnaire
Polymer Blending Brochure
Products Overview Brochure – Surface Finishing
Pro-X Filter Press
Retrofit Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Brochure
Single Stage Feed Pump Control
Slant Plate Clarifier Brochure
Sludge Dryer Parts Brochure
Two Hand Hydraulic Safety Lock
Two Hand Shifter Safety Lock

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