Rock Solid Wastewater Recycling for Stone Fabrication

The average stone fabrication shop produces much more than just countertops and polished stone surfaces. Processes like cutting and polishing also produce a lot of wastewater. Oversights with disposal can lead to compliance fines, and the regulations around contaminants and particulate matter always seem to be getting tighter.

M.W. Watermark provides wastewater treatment equipment for the stone finishing and fabrication industry.

Installing Wastewater Treatment Equipment Can Eliminate the Risk of Fines and Also Reduce Costs

Passive bag filter systems have a lower upfront cost, but they aren’t nearly as efficient as wastewater treatment equipment that can be scaled based on the size of an operation.

M.W. Watermark’s slant plate clarifiers remove particulate matter from large volumes of water with a minimal amount of floor space. We also offer filter presses in a full range of capacities, which can be customized to best suit the volume of your specific operation.

M.W. Watermark Inclined Plate Clarifiers for Stone Fabrication Wastewater Treatment
For stone fabricators, waste sludge generally can be discarded with the trash. This avoids the potential for fines that come along with disposing of wastewater in the local environment or a city’s sewage system. However, utilizing wastewater treatment equipment can not only save on the costs associated with disposal but also eliminates the continual need for clean water. In some processes, the sediment or sludge created by a process can be used elsewhere. The dehydrated sediment created following lime usage can be used for stabilization of roads, among many other uses.

Advantages of Recycling Wastewater

Instead of running up your water bill, you can recycle your own processed wastewater. While all water eventually needs to be replaced with any wastewater treatment process, replacing water on a case-by-case basis is far more cost-effective than a flow-though system, which can discharge hundreds of gallons a day. Recycling is particularly advantageous for businesses without access to large volumes of clean water. Stone fabrication shops in rural settings, for example, may rely on wells and other sources that cannot provide an adequate volume of water for large-scale production.

M.W. Watermark New and Rebuilt Filter Presses for Stone Fabrication Wastewater Treatment
M.W. Watermark new and rebuilt filter presses.

Using a filter press to reduce and recycle wastewater is also a beneficial way of cutting costs associated with a project. For many industries, which rely heavily on water, the cost of usable water alone can become a major expenditure. There are also a variety of environmental fees and regulations, which can increase the price of water if it is not being recycled.

A M.W. Watermark filter press was recently installed for wastewater treatment at a stone counter top cutting facility

Filter cake from a stone counter top cutting operation, utilizing a M.W. Watermark filter press for wastewater treatment
Filter cake from a stone counter top cutting operation, utilizing a M.W. Watermark filter press for wastewater treatment.
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With a commitment to making the best possible use of our planet’s finite water supply, the team at M.W. Watermark provides wastewater treatment equipment tailored to the needs of your business. We also offer rebuilt filter presses for businesses interested in maximizing ROI with a lower initial cost. Contact our team to learn more.

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Rock Solid Wastewater Recycling for Stone Fabrication