Responsible Treatment of Hydrocarbon Production Waste

As oil and gas industries continue production and eco-awareness grows, the need for adequate byproduct disposal arises. Drilling and fracking as a means of resource extraction result in many contaminated byproducts. One such side effect is produced water, or the mixture of water, hydrocarbons, gasses, naturally occurring radioactive materials, and other chemicals. Produced water treatment companies provide services and equipment for the recycling or disposal of this water.

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Mother Earth’s Sources

Water is commonly found in drilling and hydraulic fracturing sites. Liquids are trapped in the sedimentary rock found around the reservoir. Likewise, liquids are condensed via gas production. In injection wells, water, steam, and other chemicals are pumped into the ground to increase production. The physical and chemical properties of the solutions that produced water treatment companies seek to purify differ according to several factors. The makeup of the fluid can vary depending on its geographical location or the geology of the reservoir.

Standard Refining Methods

Techniques also differ in the treatment process. These include filtration, absorption, and oxidation among others. Filtering the liquid using sand or anthracite coal is an energy-saving option. Filter presses, machines which separate solids from liquids using pressure filtration, can be utilized for this purpose. Contrarily, absorption uses zeolites or organoclays to decrease impurities. Chemical use is minimal but the media used to absorb is commonly consumed and compromised. Oxidation, although costly, uses chemicals such as chlorine to remove both organics and inorganics. Flotation and evaporation are also among the multiple other methods that exist. Technology and research in this field of study add to the future of the industry.

Responsible Disposal

Produced water treatment companies focus their efforts based on the method of disposal or the recyclable possibilities. Considered industrial waste, the byproduct, or cleaned water, is subject to strict regulation by governing authorities. Many sites dispose of this byproduct in the sea, evaporation ponds, or wells. Pumps from the filtering process can also push the clean water back into the production or injection process.

Produced water treatment companies, through various methods and technologies, repurpose the planet’s most valuable natural resource. As the petroleum and gas industry provide energy to people across the world, preserving the environment is a top priority.

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Responsible Treatment of Hydrocarbon Production Waste