Recycling Wastewater in Stone Finishing

For industries like stone fabrication and mining that generate massive volumes of wastewater, recycling becomes critical. As we’ve learned from companies that failed to reuse wastewater in the past, it’s all too easy for the threat of legal and environmental consequences to become a reality. Luckily, M.W. Watermark™ can provide the wastewater equipment and solutions these industries need in order to avoid the legal, environmental and other issues that arise from a failure to recycle wastewater. Read on to learn more about the top three consequences of unrecycled wastewater from stone finishing, mining and other similar projects.

M.W. Watermark Filter Presses and Other Wastewater Treatment Equipment for Stone Cutting, Grinding and Finishing Water Recycling

1. Increased Risk of Pollutants

If wastewater isn’t properly treated and recycled, it could mean that harmful contaminants are being introduced into the environment. These projects can produce sludge with heavy metals and wastewater containing flammable liquids, corrosive liquids, cyanide and other pollutants, all of which pose significant risks for the environment and public health when introduced to drinking and/or surface water.

2. Depletion of Finite Water Resources

Water is a finite resource, and recycling can help conserve it – especially when large volumes of water are necessary to do business. In fact, most fabrication shops require 15,000 to over 200,000 gallons of water each day, while mining operations can demand millions of gallons of water daily. And this volume of water usage isn’t just costly for the environment – it can also result in extremely high operating costs. With help from wastewater treatment equipment, like filter presses, facilities can reuse water to minimize environmental impact and cut costs.

3. Possibility of Costly Penalties

In order to enforce wastewater regulations, the EPA and other governing bodies issue serious fines for violations. Companies who fail to properly manage their wastewater can expect expensive lawsuits that not only cut into profits, but also do serious damage to their reputation. With reliable recycling and treatment systems in place, however, it’s easier to ensure compliance that will prevent expensive fines and establish your business’s commitment to greener practices.

Consult the Industrial Filtration Experts

At M.W. Watermark, we specialize in helping a wide variety of industries manage and recycle their wastewater through industrial filtration solutions like filter presses, clarifiers and more. So whether you’re looking for new solutions or want to upgrade your current equipment, contact us today by either completing our quick online request form, or by giving us a call at 616-399-8850.

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Recycling Wastewater in Stone Finishing