Rebuilt Filter Presses Available for Rental or Purchase

When you want to invest in highly effective wastewater treatment equipment but cost is a key concern, rebuilt filter presses from M.W. Watermark may be the optimal solution. We’re committed to selling only top-quality equipment to our customers. We handle all rebuilding in-house. All of our machines go through a rigorous step-by-step overhaul and testing process before they are listed for sale on our website.

M.W. Watermark Offers Rebuilt Filter Presses for Rental or Purchase

Businesses today must operate at high efficiency while keeping costs low. We offer the flexibility of either renting or purchasing our refurbished equipment to allow you to achieve dependable results while maintaining a reasonable budget.

We perform the following work when rebuilding used filter presses:
  • Complete any needed structural repairs
  • Overhaul hydraulic and mechanical systems
  • Power wash filter plates
  • Replace all filter cloths and gaskets with new parts
  • Sand-blast and repaint for a clean, professional appearance
M.W. Watermark - Rebuilt Filter Presses Available for Rental or Purchase
M.W. Watermark - Rebuilt Filter Presses Available for Rental or Purchase








Visit our website to see a listing of currently available rebuilt equipment.

If you are not finding what you are looking for on our website, please let us know. We have used equipment arriving at our shop on a regular basis that may not yet be listed. 

Custom built options are also available.

Contact us today to discuss your particular application, and find out if a refurbished filter press is the best option for you.

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M.W. Watermark wants to make a difference. We are passionate about the world’s water. We are innovative, focused on customer service and always try to exceed expectations. We are an environmentally conscious company with people who are energized, encouraged and inspired to make a difference in the water business, and as a result, make a positive difference to our planet by helping to keep our shared, finite water supply clean and usable for generations to come. We build amazing, custom water and wastewater treatment equipment. We also specialize in rebuilding used water treatment equipment. Together, we can make a difference.

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Rebuilt Filter Presses Available for Rental or Purchase