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M.W. Watermark™ is a nationally-recognized leader in the water and wastewater treatment industry, providing the best in quality equipment for both municipal and industrial users. Our PolyMark™ polymer blending equipment uses state-of-the-art technology developed by our team over decades of collective experience.

Information About Polymer Blending

M.W. Watermark PolyMark™ Polymer Blending System

Polymers are all around us and, though often unnoticed, play a critical role in our daily lives. A polymer is a long chain of molecules made up of repeating subunits. These chains exhibit unique physical and chemical properties depending on their makeup. Common synthetic polymers include plastics and polystyrene, but naturally occurring molecule chains like DNA and proteins are also classified as polymers.

Polymer blending involves the activation and dilution of a concentrated polymer with water so it can be effectively used to coagulate fine particles prior to settling or filtration.

M.W. Watermark PolyMark™ Polymer Blending System

M.W. Watermark PolyMark™ Polymer Blending System

Why PolyMark™ is the Ultimate Polymer Dosing System

Our team of engineers has been working with polymer dilution for decades and has put that experience into our product. PolyMark™ polymer blending combines a stream of undiluted liquid emulsion polymer with a water stream and places precise control of both at the user’s fingertips. The controls are user-friendly and offer precise flow application of both polymer and water to efficiently activate the polymer at the molecular level.

This precision, accuracy, and level of control are unmatched and make the PolyMark™ a superior product. Our engineering and design team has effectively “built a better mousetrap” with this simple to operate product that is also easy to maintain.

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M.W. Watermark PolyMark™ Polymer Blending System

PolyMark™ Polymer Blending Parts

In addition to providing new PolyMark™ equipment, we also carry parts to repair or maintain existing equipment. M.W. Watermark parts are designed to be seamlessly interchangeable with other leading brand units. We keep many spare and replacement parts in stock and can usually ship the same day ordered. We can also supply replacement parts for our PolyMark Legacy™ equipment as well as other traditional-design models.

Why Choose M.W. Watermark

M.W. Watermark believes in putting our best effort into everything we do. That begins with superior design, informed by decades of experience in the field of polymer blending. We are also committed to the environment and passionate about the world’s water resources.

M.W. Watermark PolyMark Polymer Blender Assembly

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