Membrane Microfiltration

Today, many companies depend on microfiltration systems to ensure optimum removal of bacteria and other particles from fluids. Different industries demand different sizes of pores in the membranes to ensure effective performance. Companies can acquire M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Tubular Membrane Modules™ for new and existing filtration systems.

How Membrane Microfiltration Works

Membrane microfiltration is a low-pressure separation process that uses membranes featuring pore sizes ranging from 0.03 to 10 microns. It is used in solvent recovery, water treatment and gas separation. The process is efficient for separating solids such as colloids, fat, particulates and bacteria while allowing the penetration of salt, sugar and proteins.

The most significant use is the treatment of aqueous solutions such as drinking water and beverages. Microfiltration filters can be made from polymer-based membranes, stainless steel or ceramic.

TMF10 Tubular Module - Membrane Microfiltration - M.W. Watermark

TMF10 Tubular Module
37 Tubular Module - Membrane Microfiltration - M.W. Watermark

37 Tubular Module

How M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Modules Perform

With our M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Tubular Membrane Modules™, you can enjoy consistent and reliable separations from your water filtration equipment. When fluid flows through the modules at high velocity, the turbulent flow of the stream prevents the buildup of particles on the inner surface of the tube, prolonging the life of your filter.

The performance and large bore tubular design should handle high solids levels up to 5% weight by volume. We offer three distinct tubular membrane models to cater to your specific needs—TMF4, 10 and 37.

TMF10 Tubular Module - Membrane Microfiltration - M.W. Watermark

TMF10 Tubular Module
TMF4 tubular Module - Membrane Microfiltration - M.W. Watermark

TMF4 Tubular Module

The Longevity of M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Modules

With M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Tubular Membrane Modules™, companies are certain to enjoy longer service life and require less cleaning. The modules are made from durable and sturdy material that withstands higher operating and backwash pressures to ensure a greater flux and decreased system footprint. Both the sintered PE and PVDF substrates have PVDF membranes to ensure maximum performance and enhanced chemical compatibility.

The PVDF/PVDF composite option boasts increased abrasion resistance to ensure durability. The uniform omnidirectional substrate pore structure provides maximum support for your tubular membranes. With two internal tube diameters, you are sure to enjoy convenience for your flux and solids separations.

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Why Choose M.W. Watermark™

As a company, we are always devoted to making a difference through offering products that facilitate efficient separation and filtration. Ensuring safe and quality water is our priority, and that’s why we offer companies innovative products that make water filtration a breeze.

Our professional customer service consistently ensures that our clients’ needs are understood and met. With our water and wastewater treatment equipment, companies can take advantage of our quality craftsmanship to improve their operations. We strive to ensure that there is enough clean water for the current and future generations.

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M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Tubular Membrane Modules™ FAQ

Q: Can these tubular modules be used as direct replacements for my microfiltration system?
A: Yes. The M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Tubular Membrane Modules™ are designed to fit new and existing tubular membrane systems including Memtek® and many others.
Q: My system is already running at maximum capacity, what can I do?
A: Contact M.W. Watermark about retrofitting 37 tube modules for increased throughput on existing equipment.
Q: What other microfiltration parts are available?
A: M.W. Watermark also offers:

  • Vinyl filtration tubes
  • U-bend piping
  • Victaulic clamps
  • More parts available to order, contact M.W. Watermark with specific needs

Operating Specifications: TMF10

Pre-Use Wetting AgentIPA
Shelf Life (Original Container)36 months
Water Flux>200 GFD
Cross Flow Liquid Velocity10-16 ft/sec
pH Range0-14
Max Backpulse Pressure20 psi
Max Backpulse Cycles75,000
Max Differential Pressure60 psi
Max Solids18%
Max Viscosity50 cp

Dimensions and Materials of Construction: TMF10


Housing Diameter6″ Sc40
Water Flux>200 GFD
Filtrate Port (Qty 2)2.875″ x 1.89″ L pipe stub
Retentate Ports6″ pipe Anvil Gruvlok groove
Mounting RequiredHorizontal; 2 point
Module Length72″


Number of Tubes10
Nominal ID1″
Nominal OD1.34″
Total Active Surface Area15.2 ft2

Internal Liquid Volume

Filtrate Volume4.33 gallons
Retentate Volume2.45 gallons
Total Volume6.78 gallons
PottingSolvent Cement
Internal SupportsPolypropylene
Gasket MaterialNone
PreservativePropylene Glycol
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