Diaphragm Pump and Precoat Skids for Filter Presses

Our standard filter press pump skid design includes two polypropylene AOD (Air-Operated Diaphragm) feed pumps mounted on a steel skid base. (Other material of construction options and types of pumps are available, based on customer spec).

Pump skids include air shut off valve(s), pressure regulator(s), and gauge(s). They can be factory pre-piped and wired for our Automatic Feed Pump Control System (AFPCS).

Precoat skids include a tank, mixer, and pump sized for your filter press. All three are mounted onto a steel skid. Precoat is recommended for oily sludge or if your slurry has fine particles that are bleeding or blinding your filter cloths.

Just ne M.W. Watermark Feed Pump ed a new pump? We can source that for you also.


Need additional tanks? M.W. Watermark™ can supply everything you need for a complete commercial or industrial wastewater recycling / reuse / treatment system.


M.W. Watermark AOD Feed-Pump-Skid; diaphragm pump for filter press

AOD Feed Pump Skid (Polypropylene)
M.W. Watermark Precoat Skid

Precoat Skid

M.W. Watermark AOD Feed Pump Skids (Cast Iron); diaphragm pump for filter press

AOD Feed Pump Skids (Cast Iron)

M.W. Watermark Progressive Cavity Feed Pump Skid

Progressive Cavity Feed Pump Skid