Filter Plate Shifters

M.W. Watermark™ offers three different options for plate shifters: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Plate shifter retrofits are also available for used filter presses.

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Semi-Auto Filter Plate Shifter Design

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter

The M.W. Watermark™ Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter allows for easy, single-person operation of the press empty/filter cake discharge cycle. The operator positions the shifter between filter plate handles and then presses and holds the rocker switch to shift the next plate. The operator must maintain pressure on the rocker switch during the plate shift or the shifter will stop and remain in the non-functioning position until the operator again applies pressure to the rocker switch.

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter with Optional Two-Hand Safety Interlock (Two Switches)
Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter with Optional Two-
Hand Safety Interlock (Button and Switch)

Automatic Plate Shifter

An automatic plate shifter eliminates the need for operator intervention during filter cake discharge. It’s used in conjunction with the M.W. Watermark Full Automation Control System, or with custom PLC controls, to provide the highest level of filter press automation available.

An automatic plate shifter is desirable when there are multiple filter presses installed in one location, where operator contact with the filter cake is undesirable, or where a dedicated operator is not available to shift each filter plate every time the filter press is opened. The automatic plate shifter features continuously adaptive shifting speed to optimize filter cake discharge times. Shifter speed is varied throughout each plate shift to provide quick and smooth operation.

Automatic Plate Shifter with “Bump”

Automatic Plate Shifter

The automatic plate shifter self corrects crooked filter plates by pushing the plate stack back prior to shifting. If your filter cake is particularly sticky, the shifter speed can be increased to strengthen the pull of the shift.

In applications where the filter cake may not discharge immediately when shifting the plates due to adhesion to the filter cloth, a pneumatic “bump” mechanism is available as an attachment to the automatic plate shifter. When the bump option is included, the lift mechanism attached to the shifter carriage on one side of the filter press lifts the filter plate handle on that side of the press and drops it. The force of the filter plate handle impacting the sidebar knocks the filter cake loose from the cloth.

Our automatic plate shifters can also be built with an automated filter cloth washer. Our design is the most compact and efficient on the market. It takes up a minimal amount of space above and around the filter press. It is designed with a variable speed drive so the cloth washer can run fast for a heavy rinse or more slowly for very soiled cloths. The washer can run up to 50 HP (1500 psi) and is outfitted with 26 nozzles that clean all the way to the edge of the filter plate. We can also retrofit this design.

Automatic Cloth Washer