Filter Plate Shifter Parts and Retrofits

Filter Plate Shifters
Filter plate shifters aid the operator by providing efficient, safe plate separation for filter cake discharge. There are three methods to filter plate separation: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Manual shifting is self-explanatory; one person (or two people) moves the filter plates by the handles to separate plates for cake discharge.  A semi-automatic shifter allows for easy, single-person operation for separation of the filter plates for cake discharge.  An automatic shifter minimizes the need for operator intervention during filter cake discharge, but also requires a higher level of automation on the filter press.

The M.W. Watermark™ Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter allows for easy, single-person operation of the press empty/filter cake discharge cycle. The operator positions the shifter between filter plate handles and then presses and holds the rocker switch to shift the next plate.

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifters can be easily retrofitted to many filter presses.

Semi-Auto Filter Plate Shifter
An automatic plate shifter minimizes the need for operator intervention during filter cake discharge. It’s used in conjunction with the M.W. Watermark Full Automation Control System, or with custom PLC controls, to provide the highest level of filter press automation available. An automatic plate shifter is desirable when there are multiple filter presses installed in one location or where operator contact with the filter cake is undesirable. The automatic plate shifter features continuously adaptive shifting speed to optimize filter cake discharge times.
Automatic Plate Shifter with “Bump Option”
In applications where the filter cake may not discharge immediately when shifting the plates due to adhesion to the filter cloth, a pneumatic “bump” mechanism is available as an attachment to the automatic plate shifter. When the bump option is included, the lift mechanism attached to the shifter carriage on one side of the filter press lifts the filter plate handle on that side of the press and drops it. The force of the filter plate handle impacting the sidebar knocks the filter cake loose from the cloth.
Automatic Filter Plate Shifter (With Bump for Filter Cake Release)
Automatic Cloth Washer

Our automatic plate shifters can also be built with an automated filter cloth washer. Our design is the most compact and efficient on the market. It takes up a minimal amount of space above and around the filter press. It is designed with a variable speed drive so the cloth washer can run fast for a heavy rinse or more slowly for very soiled cloths. The washer can run up to 60 HP pumps (1500 psi) and is outfitted with 26 nozzles that clean to the edge of the filter plate.

M.W. Watermark has a team of experts in-house that can work with you to design the best material handling system for your application. Contact us today to learn more.

Q: Can a filter plate shifter be added to an existing filter press?

The semi-automatic and automatic filter plate shifters can be retrofitted.

Q: Are there any safety options available for the semi-automatic plate shifter?

Two handed operation is now standard equipment. Additional guarding is available. Contact us for more information.

The following video explains MW Watermark’s two handed safety interlock system:

Automatic Plate Shifter with Two-Hand Safety Interlock (Button and Switch)

Automatic Filter Plate Shifter with "Bump" for Filter Cake Release

Automatic Cloth Washer

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter with Two-Hand Safety Interlock (Two Switches)

Automatic Filter Plate Shifter

Automatic Plate Shifter with (now included, no longer an option) Two-Hand Safety Interlock (Button and Switch)

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