Chemical Feed Systems

Wastewater treatment is an important part of protecting our ecosystem. We all share a finite supply of water, so making sure it is reusable is vital for future generations. Chemicals have been used for decades to treat waste and wastewater. Different chemical processes are used to remove solids, disinfect, deodorize, and restore pH and nutrient balance to the water. However, it is crucial to use these chemicals accurately.

Quality Chemical Control

Improper chemical usage can result in inconsistent product quality and failure to meet specifications. Operating costs will likely be high due to excessive chemical consumption. High corrosion rates can also cause severe damage to equipment. Aside from the cost of repairing or replacing equipment, this can also increase labor and maintenance costs.

Photo Of Chemical Metering Industrial Filtration Equipment - M.W. Watermark
Photo Of Chemical Feed Industrial Filtration Equipment - M.W. Watermark

Chemical Feed Systems Offered by M.W. Watermark™

Chemical feed systems are the best method to deliver precise amounts of chemicals. Different metering systems are used depending on the state of the chemical, which may be gas, liquid, or solid. Gasses are fed through either a direct or solution feed. Direct feeds have limited applications as they provide less security against a gas leak. Solution feeds turn the gas into a liquid in a vacuum before adding the chemicals.

The most common liquid feed is a positive displacement diaphragm, which delivers a flow at a constant rate. For dry chemicals, we use gravity feeders and jet pumps. The dry chemicals are fed through volumetric and gravimetric feeders. Volumetric feeders send the material through in bulk based on its volume, whereas gravity feeders adjust the flow based on the weight and provide more accuracy.

Chemical metering applications include:

  • Condensate / Feedwater Treatment
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Chlorination / Dechlorination
  • Membrane Clean in Place
  • Coagulant / Flocculant Feed

Chemical Feed Industrial Filtration Equipment Image - M.W. Watermark

Chemical Metering Industrial Filtration Equipment Photo - M.W. Watermark

Why Choose M.W. Watermark?

We design our chemical metering systems to be accurate, economical, and suitable for both industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment applications. A talented team of expert engineers in the industry composes our staff. They represent many years of experience building water and wastewater treatment equipment. We also offer on-site customer support and in-house laboratory testing.

We believe that our high-quality products and excellent customer service stand as pillars of our success in this industry. We are easy to contact, knowledgeable, and can supply the parts and equipment you need quickly. We care about protecting our planet’s water supply, and we want to make a difference for you.