PolyMark™ Polymer Blending Equipment

M.W. Watermark PolyMark™ Polymer Blending Equipment
M.W. Watermark PolyMark™ Polymer Blending Equipment

M.W. Watermark’s PolyMark™ polymer blending equipment delivers reliable performance coupled with precise, yet highly intuitive controls. Eager to learn what makes our PolyMark™ polymer dosing system unique? Read on to discover how it works.

What Sets the PolyMark™ Apart from the Competition?

M.W. Watermark’s PolyMark™ polymer blending system delivers a high level of control and precision without sacrificing user-friendliness. It’s simple – the blending system combines undiluted liquid emulsion polymer with a stream of water. Then, the machine’s operator can adjust the easy-to-use controls to regulate flow application as necessary.

The PolyMark™ Line

Our extensive line of PolyMark™ polymer blending units feature options with solution flow rates from 25 gph to 2400 gph and neat polymer flow rates from 0.05 gph to 60 gph in order to suit a variety of applications.

Additionally, while the most basic PolyMark™ model features a DC (Direct Control) controller unit with on, off and remote control features, more advanced models employ SFC (Solution Flow Control) controllers, which offer:

  • Touch screens with remote control capability
  • Trending display of water flows, polymer rate and percent concentration
  • Configurable startup and shutdown processes
  • Fully automated primary and post-dilution flow control
  • And more

M.W. Watermark PolyMark Polymer Blending Units

Learn More About M.W. Watermark’s PolyMark™ Polymer Blending Equipment

Thanks to its versatile design, our PolyMark™ polymer blending system can be used across a wide range of industries, from water treatment to chemical processing and beyond.

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PolyMark™ Polymer Blending Equipment