Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19)

Michigan’s Governor made an historic announcement on 3/23/20, ordering all non-essential businesses to close and for many people to stay home.

What is also part of the order is to be sure that essential businesses remain open and that their essential employees continue to work. MW Watermark is considered an essential business according to her guidelines so we will remain open.

We design and build water and wastewater treatment equipment and process equipment. We support thousands of machines currently in the field with spare parts and replacement parts, such as filters and machine components, in order to keep our customers up and running. We have a very wide range of customers including many industrial companies that manufacture things like bleach and other critical chemicals. We also have M.W. Watermark equipment operating in municipal drinking water plants and support other manufacturers’ equipment at those plants.

Following is a partial list of different industries that we directly support:

• Food and beverage manufacturers
• Water and wastewater treatment
• Chemical manufacturers
• Oil and gas refineries
• Municipal drinking water plants
• Power plants

All of these industries are specifically mentioned in the order as “essential” and since we are critical to their supply chain for continuing operation, we are also considered “essential”.

Because of these reasons, I feel we clearly fall into the “essential business” classification and plan to continue our operations. We have already made our facility into a “Covid-19 Free Zone” since March 16 so I feel confident we can continue our safe practices and successfully run our operation to support our other essential-business customers and suppliers.

Michael Gethin
M.W. Watermark