M.W. Watermark™ Offers a Full Range of Laboratory Services

M.W. Watermark Laboratory Services Laboratory services can help determine the most effective filter press equipment, equipment sizing, filtration media required, and dewatering techniques for your specific application. This includes the recommended treatments, chemicals, and dosages required to form an ideal cake in a filter press.

Our services range from feasibility testing of your materials to offering portable pilot units for on-site testing. We can determine the most effective feed pressures, fill times, filter media and sludge conditioning.

Laboratory services can help you ensure a better informed equipment purchase, or maintain maximum performance of your current filter press, including most makes and models.

M.W. Watermark Lab Filter Press Cake - Laboratory Services
Lab cake sizes available from .75″ to 2.00″
M.W. Watermark 320mm Pilot Filter Press
M.W. Watermark 320mm Pilot Filter Press
M.W. Watermark™ offers Frazier® Air Permeability Testing as part of our growing list of laboratory services.

By using a Frazier® Air Permeability Tester, we are able to determine the air permeability of a particular filter cloth fabric, utilizing the ASTM D 737-96 standard test method for textile fabrics.

M.W. Watermark Air Permeability Testing - Laboratory Services
M.W. Watermark Air Permeability Testing Station
How does it work?

A sample is placed on the machine and air is drawn through the fabric. The rate of air flow passing through a fabric sample is adjusted to find an air pressure differential between two fabric surfaces. The air permeability of the fabric can then be determined by this air flow rate. The test results are reported in CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute.

Efficiency of filtration media is directly related to air permeability. By testing the air permeability of a filter cloth fabric, our lab technicians are able to determine the filtration characteristics and determine if a given fabric is ideal for a customer’s particular dewatering application.

M.W. Watermark Air Permeability Testing - Laboratory Services
Venturi nozzles of increasing diameters – used to measure air flow

When a customer is looking to replace their existing filter press cloths, and the type of fabric is not known, the air permeability test also helps us match a customer’s cloth sample with the correct fabric spec. In turn, we are able to test for quality control and performance specs of incoming rolled goods.

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M.W. Watermark™ Offers a Full Range of Laboratory Services