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Conservation and environmental awareness are everyone’s responsibility, with the conservation of water being especially important. Water recycling is a key way to maintain this natural resource, particularly within industries and services that generate significant water use, such as vehicle washes and truck washout facilities. 

Why Recycle Water? M.W. Watermark - Recycle Water - Filter Press - Car and Truck Wash

Whether you’ve owned a vehicle wash / truck tank washout for decades, are planning an expansion, or are interested in cutting costs, water recycling and reusing wastewater has numerous benefits for your business. As water restrictions increase to combat waning resources, it’s a smart idea to consider recycling water to combat costs, sewer availability issues, environmental impact, and limitations caused by drought. Recycling can save you up to 50% on bills alone! And by reusing water, your car wash won’t need to worry about dealing with severe usage restrictions that could impact your ability to remain in business. Beginning to recycle is an investment in energy cost savings, business sustainability, and a way to help our environment.

How to Recycle Your Wastewater

While there are many ways to begin reusing your wastewater, one of the easiest and most efficient changes to make is to use a filter press. A filter press is a machine that separates liquids from solids using pressure filtration. A filter press can recycle 50% of the wastewater for reuse by pumping the dirty water—called slurry—into a filter press, where the solids are separated from the reusable liquid. It can even recycle some of the soap for reuse! Using a filter press is efficient and cost-effective.

Our Filter Presses M.W. Watermark-800mm-Filter-Press-Leg-and-Extensions-and-Chute_Stainless-Steel

At M.W. Watermark™, we offer both new and used filter presses, so you can find equipment that’s within your budget. Our presses are built in different sizes and for different capacities to fit your needs. We’ll calculate and size your filter press appropriately no matter how big or small your operation is. And, if you’d like to see how a filter press might benefit your business, we can supply a pilot unit for testing, in addition to our stock of rental and rebuilt units.

Oil Coalescing Separators

M.W. Watermark also offers Oil Coalescing Separators (OCS) which can be effectively used for treating the resulting wastewater from both washing the outside of trucks and other vehicles as well as truck tank washout.

Our OCS  units are designed to remove free non-emulsified oils, diesel, gasoline and fuels from a waste stream, resulting in an effluent quality of 10 mg/l or less of contaminants 20 microns and larger.

M.W. Watermark OCS-100; Oil Coalescing Separator; Oil Water Separator; Truck Wash; Truck Tank Wash Out

Why M.W. Watermark?

When you buy from us, you’re getting equipment that’s made in-house by a team dedicated to designing and producing well-built, reliable machines. We value our customers and strive to provide the best assistance possible. In-house manufacturing means you’ll get your products and services quickly, and if there’s a problem, we’ll respond as fast as possible.

M.W. Watermark filter press used in a car and truck wash for wastewater treatment
M.W. Watermark filter press, solids hopper, controls and AOD pump.

A filter press is a great way to start recycling your wastewater and get the most out of your water use. Learn more about our filter presses on our website, or contact us to see how we can supply a solution for your equipment needs.

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