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M.W. Watermark™ provides sustainable water treatment solutions, including filter press systems that aid in the lime softening process.

Lime Softening Explained M.W. Watermark Lime Dewatering Filter Press

Lime softening is a water treatment process that uses calcium hydroxide, or limewater, to soften water by removing calcium and magnesium ions. In this process, hydrated lime is added to the water to raise its pH level and precipitate the ions that cause hardness. The lime softening process offers many benefits, including the reduction of dissolved minerals in the water and the reduction of heavy metals and other elements such as barium, arsenic, and uranium that naturally exist in some water sources.

Using Filter Presses to Dewater Lime

M.W. Watermark filter presses have been used in the lime softening process.

After the water is softened by the use of lime, the precipitated solids must be removed before the water can be used for drinking. By using a filter press, lime slurry generated in clarifiers can be dewatered using pressure filtration. The resulting filter cake, M.W. Watermark Lime Dewatering Filter Press consisting primarily of lime, can then be easily disposed of or even used by farmers as a soil amendment. The clear filtrate, or liquid, that results from this process is ready for the next step in the water treatment process.

At M.W. Watermark, we take pride in offering superior lime dewatering systems that help preserve water, a limited resource. Our equipment is customized to fit your space and water treatment needs. If any problems ever arise, our field services bring factory-trained and TWIC certified professionals to your site to help troubleshoot all issues. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a quick turnaround time on parts and services in order to help our clients minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

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Success Story: Aqua America

M.W. Watermark offers municipalities a proven option for dewatering lime slurries with our line of filter presses, including capacities up to 600 cubic feet. We recently worked with Aqua America, a company that provides drinking water to numerous communities, including Massillo M.W. Watermark - Lime Softening Filtrate - Filter Press n, Ohio. The company needed a way to filter and responsibly dispose of the large amounts of lime and byproducts generated in its facility. We built a water treatment solution specifically designed for this naturally hard water. Our team of experts designed, built, and started up two M.W. Watermark 1500mm filter presses in their facility to dewater the lime slurry. The filter cake discharges onto a horizontal screw conveyor supplied by M.W. Watermark to transfer the lime cake and dispose of it responsibly by providing it to local farmers to use as soil amendment. The Aqua America project illustrates just one way our products benefit businesses and communities by providing responsible, sustainable filtration options.

M.W. Watermark 1500mm Filter Press - Manufactured for Lime Softening Slurry
M.W. Watermark 1500mm Filter Press – Manufactured for Lime Softening Slurry

“Benefits of Lime Softening for Municipal Waterworks Sourcing Groundwater”Read more on our blog.

Watch this brief video to learn more about lime slurry dewatering utilizing M.W. Watermark filter presses.

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