Glass Fabrication Wastewater Recycling

M.W. Watermark glass fabrication filter press cake
Glass slurry fines are dewatered in a filter press to form a filter cake for disposal, while the water is available for reuse.

Fabricating custom glass, mirrors, bulletproof glass and other glass products requires a large volume of water. Water is used in the CNC work centers, waterjets and other essential systems, which in turn create wastewater.

Between stringent regulations and rising costs, finding ways to deal with this wastewater presents a challenge for glass shops of all sizes. M. W. Watermark™ can help with our industry expertise and custom-built wastewater treatment equipment, including filter presses.

M.W. Watermark manufactures new and rebuilds used filter presses used in glass fabrication wastewater treatment
M.W. Watermark manufactures filter presses in our facility in Holland, Michigan, U.S.A

One of the main benefits of recycling wastewater is reduced water and sewer costs. This is particularly true for shops with a limited supply of water available. Recycling with an M. W. Watermark filter press also makes it easier to meet compliance standards and avoid expensive fees.

For your convenience, we don’t require the purchase of unnecessary components. If you would like to install a filter press but keep your existing pumps and tanks, we’ll be happy to accommodate your specific needs to maximize cost and efficiency.

M.W. Watermark Manufactures Filter Presses for Glass Fabrication Wastewater Recycling; Swarf Slurry Water Treatment


Glass processing is similar to stone fabrication, except it typically runs at higher volumes and speeds. In addition, there are multiple applications throughout the process that produce wastewater, including:

  • CNC Work Centers
  • Waterjets
  • Edgers / Grinders
  • Beveling and Mitering
  • Drilling, Sanding and Milling
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The glass processing wastewater that comes off glass cutting and polishing machines is pumped from sumps to a swarf slurry holding tank. From there, shops must decide if and how they are going to remove the swarf so that the water can be reused. Our Glass Fabrication Recycling System Brochure depicts how a filter press can easily fit into your existing setup to separate glass fines from the wastewater, minimizing overall consumption and reducing waste products to a filter cake.

M.W. Watermark Glass Fabrication Wastewater Recycling System Brochure; Swarf Slurry Water Treatment
Click to Download our Glass Fabrication Wastewater Recycling System Brochure


Many fabrication shops opt for our equipment simply because we strive to deliver products that exceed their expectations. Our company shares the goal of saving Earth’s most valuable resource: water. For this reason, our team works diligently to offer businesses recycling systems that help them reuse their wastewater. Whatever your capacity, we strive to offer an option catered to your specific needs.

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M.W. Watermark manufactures new and rebuilds used filter presses used in glass fabrication wastewater treatment


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