How Laundry Wastewater Recycling Makes a Difference

Everyone is looking to make a difference these days, from corporations to individuals, when it comes to the environment. Recycling centers accept plastic, aluminum, and paper to reduce the amount of non-renewable resources being consumed. But what about water? Water is not often considered a non-renewable resource, but it is finite. With so much riding on this limited supply, and especially with parts of the U.S. becoming progressively hotter and drier, conserving and reusing the water we have is becoming an existential issue. Laundry wastewater recycling can make a huge difference in the long-term sustainability of our water-dependent species.

Commercial-scale fabric washing takes place in many hotels and hospitals for their own staff’s needs, or in businesses that cater to restaurants and other enterprises with smaller uniformed staff. For the businesses that are stand-alone operations, water and wastewater costs can comprise up to 50 percent of a company’s total operating costs. By treating, filtering, and returning that water back to the beginning of the cycle, the savings can really add up. In fact, not only is laundry wastewater recycling good for the planet, it’s good for business too. Paying to use more water is, literally, pouring money down the drain!

By cutting down on the need to use our limited resources, laundry wastewater recycling reduces the overall cost of doing business while helping preserve the overall health of our planet.

There are a number of different processes that can be employed in turning the effluent waste from a commercial washing machine back into reusable water, while at the same time reducing waste disposal costs.

Industrial and Commercial Laundry Wastewater Recycling Equipment

M.W. Watermark manufactures industrial clarification and filtration equipment that is utilized in the multi-step treatment and filtration processes common to an industrial or commercial laundry operation. Our product line-up includes filter presses, inclined plate clarifiers and more.

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How Laundry Wastewater Recycling Makes a Difference