How Filtration Equipment Benefits the Mining Industry

To deliver the raw materials many industries depend on, mining companies must generate a substantial volume of wastewater that has the potential to contaminate our soil and water. Fortunately, through the help of filtration equipment, like that produced by M.W. Watermark™, the mining industry has been able to adopt more eco-friendly practices. And beyond filtration’s support for greener mining, the financial and legal benefits of filtration technology can’t be denied. Learn more about some of the top benefits of filtration for the mining industry below.

Environmental Protection

Water is essential in the recovery and processing of metallic ore, resulting in a high volume of wastewater that must be handled with care. Wastewater from mining sites may contain any of the following:

  • Heavy metals
  • Acids
  • Bacteria, viruses and other biological contaminants
  • Radiological contaminants
  • Grease, soap, dyes, oils and other organic chemicals
  • Suspended solids
  • And more…

All of these substances can pose a serious threat to our supply of fresh, clean water, our soil and our health. However, by utilizing customized filtration equipment, miners can significantly reduce the effects of said wastewater. Proper filtration technology allows mining companies to remove pollutants before reusing water or reintroducing it into the ecosystem, ensuring they can stay compliant with increasingly strict EPA regulations.

Operational Efficiency

Through filtration, the mining industry is also able to cut back on operational costs and conserve energy. Recent research noted that in 2015 4,000 Mgal/d (million of gallons of water used per day) were required to support mining activities, revealing the substantial quantity of water required to extract ore and other materials from the earth. In certain situations, however, filter press technology may allow mining companies to recycle and reuse resources rather than constantly relying on clean water. In addition, cleaner mining can result in fewer EPA fines, and a lower need for cleanup initiatives, saving time and money in the future.

A Path to Future Success

As society continues to become more environmentally aware, investing in filtration equipment is a smart move for the mining industry. It demonstrates a commitment to protecting our water and resources, as well as to the overall health of our planet and its people. By preserving earth’s finite resources, everyone can anticipate a brighter, more secure future.

M.W. Watermark 1200mm Filter Press – Built for a Neutralized Mine Wastewater Application.
M.W. Watermark 1200mm Filter Press – Built for a Neutralized Mine Wastewater Application

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How Filtration Equipment Benefits the Mining Industry