How Different Industries Use Industrial Filtration Equipment to Save

Water is arguably Earth’s most precious natural resource. Conserving and protecting the health of this vital fluid is everyone’s responsibility and an issue of critical importance for water-intensive industries. Just as businesses depend on their supply of water, water depends on its users to keep it flowing cleanly.

By using industrial filtration equipment to reduce, reuse, and recycle water, many industries can take better care of the planet, reduce costs and waste, improve operations, and boost their bottom line. Industrial filtration can allow businesses to safely reuse greywater, which is essentially any household wastewater that does not come from the toilet.

Applications for Industrial Filtration Equipment

Car washes and industrial laundry facilities, for example, use water in nearly every phase of work. Filter presses remove the dirt and particulate matter from the greywater that these businesses produce daily, allowing them to recycle about half of the water used, and the soap as well! The filtered water can then clean yet more clothes and cars for more clients, simultaneously reducing both the strain on freshwater supply and the cost of doing business.

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Another excellent application of industrial filtration equipment for water treatment is lime softening. This process uses lime (Ca(OH)2) and filter presses to deionize process water and settle out calcium, magnesium, and other contaminants, including heavy metals. The resulting purified water can then be returned to the environment, reused for irrigation, or channeled back into the industry’s water supply for reuse. The recycling loop completes when filter cake, a byproduct rich in calcium, is repurposed as agricultural fertilizer. This reuse spreads the benefits of using industrial filtration equipment across even more industries and populations.

Mining and metal finishing are also very water-intensive sectors that can benefit from industrial filtration equipment. Increasingly strict EPA regulations aim to eliminate environmental contamination from heavy metals and other toxins that these activities produce in greywater. Using custom-fit filter presses and clarifiers, these industries remove pollutants, meet federal and state regulations, and become more eco-friendly in the process.

Businesses that invest in industrial filtration equipment to protect our water supply help save water, money, energy, and more. Environmentally-conscious industrial production cycles also ensure their own futures, since work and life both need clean, fresh water to survive and to thrive.

M.W. Watermark is a leading manufacturer of industrial filtration equipment, including filter presses, slant plate clarifiers, sludge dryers, DAFs, oil coalescing separators, polymer blenders and more.

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How Different Industries Use Industrial Filtration Equipment to Save