Filter plate shifters aid with the proper filter cake discharge. There are three options when it comes to plate shifters: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. Manual shifting is fairly self-explanatory; one person (or two people) move the filter plates by the handles to help release the cake.

There are also automatic and semi-automatic plate shifter options. An automatic shifter eliminates the need for operator intervention during filter cake discharge, but also requires a high level of automation. A semi-automatic shifter allows for easy, single-person operation of the press empty/filter cake discharge cycle. The videos below showcase different variations of the automatic and semi-automatic filter plate shifters.

Automatic Filter Plate Shifter (with bump for filter cake release)

Automatic Filter Plate Shifter

Automated Filter Cloth Washer and Plate Shifter

Automatic Filter Plate Shifter: How the Shifter Corrects Crooked Filter Plates or Sticky Filter Cake

Semi-Automatic Filter Plate Shifter

Semi-Automatic Filter Plate Shifter with Two-Handed Interlock Handle


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