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Jim Driesenga, Customer Service/Technical Sales

Jim has been with the M.W. Watermark Service and Technical Sales team since Spring 2012. Before M.W. Watermark he worked for JWI / USFilter / Siemens (now Evoqua) and Waterlink / Parkson in various roles including: production, operations, service, and sales. He has over a decade of experience with filter press service, maintenance, and sales.


Dave Higgins, Product Development Engineer

Dave has been involved with filter presses and dewatering equipment for 22 years and has three patents in the field. Dave has designed much of the automation on filter presses such as automatic filter plate shifters, filter cloth washers, electric hydraulics, and automatic manifolds. He also has an extensive process automation background. Dave is proficient at PLC programing and debugging and is currently the Product Development Engineer at M.W. Watermark.

He has traveled around the world to over 250 sites starting up and servicing equipment including filter presses, centrifuges, belt presses, and polymer dosing systems.