Changing Attitudes Surrounding Water Recycling

Water recycling is a viable option in areas with a limited clean water supply. Sadly, in most areas, potable reuse is seen as “toilet-to-tap,” stigmatizing the concept. Despite the stigma, there are several benefits to using recycled water.

Environmental Benefits

Potable reuse provides environmental benefits for the area. Ecosystems that are already stressed by the water usage can suffer from deterioration of water quality. Recycling the water in the area helps to increase flow in the ecosystem. It helps plants, fish, and wildlife live, grow, and reproduce.

Areas that participate in water recycling also decrease discharge in sensitive areas like streams, oceans, and estuaries. Wastewater flowing into a natural system requires that area to be treated to avoid contaminating the entire body of water. For oceans, that could require turning a salt marsh into a brackish marsh. Doing this destroys habitats. By turning to potable reuse, this sensitive habitat can remain intact and reduce strain on the area’s water supply.

Also, recycling can help reduce the amount of pollution that enters the local water table. When the water goes through the recycling center, contaminants are filtered out to make it safe for human consumption. These contaminants are safely disposed of without discharging them into the local bodies of water.

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Water Recycling for a Drought-Proof Water Supply

Many areas are faced with not being able to provide enough water for their residents. The local water table is stressed because of the conditions. Water recycling takes the water that is already available and recycles it so that it can be reused again. This allows areas that are plagued by droughts to provide this much-needed resource to the people who need it most.

Safe, Sustainable Supplies

Homes and industries in areas that use potable reuse are less reliant on tapping into local bodies of water. They have a sustainable supply of water that can constantly be cleaned and reused. Not only is water recycling good for household use, but it can also provide industries and farms the much-needed resource to produce goods and food needed to sustain the area’s economy.

Potable use is not something that should be frowned upon. Instead, it is an option that should be considered and used in most urban areas.

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Changing Attitudes Surrounding Water Recycling