Benefits of Recycling Laundry Wastewater

Have you ever paused after opening your water bill and thought, “How can I get this lowered?”

If you run a commercial hotel or similar business that does a lot of on-site linens, then there’s a good chance this question has crossed your mind. Fortunately, M.W. Watermark, a leading manufacturer of wastewater recycling equipment, can help you reduce your company’s utility bills.

M.W. Watermark - Recycling Laundry Wastewater

Water can constitute a significant portion of your company’s expenses. Not only do you have to purchase the fresh water to wash the linens and garments with, but you then have to pay for the subsequent wastewater disposal.

What if you could find a way to reuse that wastewater, effectively diminishing both categories of cost while practicing environmentally friendly processes at the same time? With our products offering of top-quality filter presses, slant plate clarifiers and aftermarket parts and accessories, you can do just that.

M.W. Watermark - Recycling Laundry Wastewater - filter presses, slant plate clarifiers and DAFs

Significantly Save On Costs

According to the EPA, an average hotel spends about 16% of its water usage on laundry operations, ranking just behind domestic and restroom use. M.W. Watermark’s laundry wastewater recycling equipment can help you save on your current water and sewage costs.

M.W. Watermark - Recycling Laundry Wastewater - filter presses, slant plate clarifiers and DAFs

Take A Stand For The Environment

The second major benefit of recycling laundry wastewater goes largely unseen to the visible eye, but is one that definitely makes a powerful impact on the environment. By recycling your washing machines’ water intake, you’re playing a role to help preserve one of Earth’s most important, yet undeniably finite, resources.

M.W. Watermark - Recycling Laundry Wastewater

Plus, once you start to go green, the gate will be opened for you to start considering other eco- and cost-effective alternatives for your business. You’ll be able to become more open and transparent with your local communities and patrons about the steps you’re taking to ensure long-term sustainability.

You may even inspire other companies to start investing in green technology, creating a domino effect toward a better future.

M.W. Watermark is located in Holland, Michigan but serves businesses all around the globe. Give us a call today to get an in-depth look at how recycling laundry wastewater can benefit your business, or request a quote via our online form.

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Benefits of Recycling Laundry Wastewater