Benefits of PVDF Composite Membranes in Microfiltration

The Microfiltration Process

Microfiltration plays a fundamental role in removing bacteria and other contaminants from fluids. The microfiltration process, which is often used in beverage treatment and several other industrial processes, involves the use of filtration membranes with pores that vary in size based on the specific application. Another variable that should be considered, however, is the material from which these membranes are made.

Our premier microfiltration products, M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Tubular Membrane Modules™, are available with PE and PVDF substrates and equipped with PVDF composite membranes. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of PVDF in microfiltration.

M.W. Watermark™/Porex® Tubular Membrane Microfiltration Modules™

Why Use PVDF Composite Membranes?

When purchasing microfiltration equipment, your business has a number of options at its disposal. Here’s why you should consider PVDF composite membrane modules over alternative products:

Increased Durability

PVDF composite membranes offer enhanced abrasion resistance, helping to reduce the need to replace your equipment and thus making for a better value in the long run.

Omnidirectional Substrate Pore Structure

This unique design delivers reliable support for your tubular membranes.

Oxidant Resistance

PVDF resists oxidants, making it the go-to choice for preoxidized feeds and filtration of substances containing a high level of iron or other oxidants.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between various models, making it easy to find a product that suits your company’s unique needs.

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Benefits of PVDF Composite Membranes in Microfiltration