Before and After: Filter Press Repair and Rebuilding Services

M.W. Watermark™ offers many services to help you reduce your costs and make your water and wastewater equipment run more efficiently.

Complete Repair and Rebuilding Services

We offer repairs or a complete rebuilding service of used filter presses that is second-to-none. State-of-the-art machinery and tooling are used to bring your parts and equipment back to “like-new” condition. Metal fabrication and painting, mechanical, electrical, hydraulics – we can do it all.

M.W. Watermark Can Rebuild Your Filter Press; We Also Offer Rebuilt Filter Presses for Rental or Purchase

We use the same standards to repair and rebuild equipment as we do to build new, so you can be assured that you are getting quality equipment that you can rely on.

Filter Press Rebuilding Check-List

We perform the following work when rebuilding used filter presses:

  • Complete any needed structural repairs
  • Overhaul hydraulic and mechanical systems
  • Power wash filter plates
  • Replace all filter cloths and gaskets with new parts
  • Sand-blast and repaint for a clean, professional appearance
Here are some recent “before and after” M.W. Watermark rebuilt filter press photos…

M.W. Watermark Before and After Filter Press Rebuilding Photo Collage

Visit our Wastewater Equipment Repair and Rebuilding webpage to watch “before and after” filter press rebuilding videos.

View our current inventory of used and rebuilt equipment available for rental or purchase.

Contact us today to discuss your rebuilt filter press requirements.

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Before and After: Filter Press Repair and Rebuilding Services