Expand My Filter Press

Your filter press may have been designed with an expansion piece, also known as a distance piece. If you’re ready to increase its capacity and add more filter plates, the expansion piece must be removed. Please find the removal instructions below.

Expansion Piece Removal How-to Video

Expansion Piece Removal Instructions

  1. Support the expansion piece and remove all of the hardware
  2. Remove the cross support
  3. Pull the follower back and reconnect it to the hydraulic cylinder
  4. Install new filter plates, noting the one-dot, three-dot sequence (see image 4)
Filter Press with Expansion Piece
Filter Press with Expansion Piece
Filter Press with Expansion Piece Removed
Filter Press with Expansion Piece Removed
Expansion Piece Removed and Filter Plates Added to Stack

Filter Plate: 1-3-1 Sequence

In this photo, the plate with the black dots is the tail plate. Filter plates should always alternate between 1’s and 3’s for proper cycling. Filter plate sequencing is crucial to the efficiency and success of your filter press. Learn more about why sequencing your filter plates correctly is crucial to your operation, by reading this article.

Numbered Filter Plates

If you’re ready to remove your expansion piece, but don’t have enough filter plates, give our Sales/Service Team a call (616.399.8850) or send us a note. We keep a large variety of sizes in-stock and ready to ship.

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