320mm Pilot Filter Press Now Available for Rental or Purchase

As part of our range of Laboratory Services, M.W. Watermark has been offering a 250mm portable pilot filter press for on-site testing. The 250mm pilot press has been a great help to many of our customers working to determine the most effective filtration media and dewatering techniques for their particular applications. The 250mm press is simple to use, and features non-gasketed filter plates and filter cloths, which are very straightforward, easy to change-out, and can be utilized with most types of slurry.

However, several of our customers have asked us if we can provide a pilot press with gasketed plates and cloths, which are useful in preventing a slurry from leaking from the plates when being pumped through the press. Leakage, or “wicking” can be an issue when a slurry is of a high temperature, or particularly acidic or basic in nature, and it’s important to keep the liquid contained.

In response to customer requests, M.W. Watermark is pleased to offer a 320mm portable filter press as part of our pilot program.

The 320mm pilot filter press features a small filter press footprint like the 250mm press, but also includes the option for gasketed plates and cloths for even greater versatility. (The type of cloth can be specified based on your application). In addition to caster wheels, the 320mm press also includes additional portability features, including forklift pockets in the base for ease of moving around the plant. In addition to the 250mm pilot filter press, the 320mm is now available for rental or purchase, and can also be utilized alongside M.W. Watermark Laboratory Services.

M.W. Watermark 320mm Portable Pilot Filter Press; Small Filter Press
M.W. Watermark 320mm Portable Pilot Filter Press

320mm Pilot Filter Press Specs:

  • 6 chambers
  • 32mm cake chambers
  • 0.3 cubic ft.
  • 8 square ft. filtration area
  • Standard PVC Manifold with Air Blowdown, Evenfill, and Cake Wash – Process options

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320mm Pilot Filter Press Now Available for Rental or Purchase