Service and How-To Videos

At M.W. Watermark™, we build durable and highly functional dewatering machinery, including filter presses. We want our customers to get as much out of their equipment as possible, and for you to have the complete picture when it comes to knowing how to effectively operate your dewatering equipment.

Our instructional videos are designed to help you understand the function and safe operation of some of our more popular products. These include the self-dumping cake hopper, automatic and semi-automatic plate shifters, as well as our new and rebuilt filter presses. There are also videos demonstrating step-by-step instructions for the installation and removal of o-rings, periphery gaskets, distance pieces, head cloths, and both gasketed and non-gasketed filter cloths. Whether you are having a specific issue with your filter press, or installing brand new machinery and want to get the job done right the first time, these videos will guide you through the process.

We are driven by a desire to make our dewatering and filter press equipment easy to use. If you have questions or concerns about something not covered in the videos below, or want more detailed information about a given topic, one of our representatives is always happy to speak with you. Feel free to give us a call at 616-399-8850. At M.W. Watermark, customer satisfaction is our top priority.




M.W. Watermark Products Overview


Filter Press 101: How a Filter Press Works


M.W. Watermark Filter Press Air-Operated Hydraulic System


M.W. Watermark Continuous Sludge Dryer Overview

Filter Cloth Overview

Semi-Automatic Plate Shifter

1500mm Overhead Tetra Filter Press

Self-Dumping Cake Hopper


M.W. Watermark Cake Hopper Dumping Mechanism


M.W. Watermark DAF Overview Video


DAF Chemical Pre-Treatment Equipment Video


How Our Slant Plate Clarifier Works


The Oil Coalescing Separator from M.W. Watermark




M.W. Watermark Optional Two-Hand Hydraulic Safety Interlock


M.W. Watermark Optional Two-Hand Shifter Safety Interlock




M.W. Watermark Filter Cloth Installation Overview


Used Filter Press Rebuilt by M.W. Watermark

1200mm Filter Press, Rebuilt and Better Than Ever

M.W. Watermark In-House CNC



How to Install a CGR Filter Cloth

How to Install Filter Cloths (Non-Gasketed)


How to Close a Manual Filter Press


How to Set Hydraulic Relief Valve Pressure



1500 mm Lime Dewatering Filter Press

Wastewater Treatment Equipment: Filter Press for Car Wash Water Recycling


Industrial Filtration Equipment: Filter Press for Concrete Water Recycling


The Most Efficient Produced Water Treatment System Available