M.W. Watermark fields a variety of filter press service questions everyday. In order to help our customers operate their dewatering equipment, we’ve created video demonstrations for some of the more complicated maintenance procedures.

Here are links to of all of our current filter press service and support video pages, categorized by topic. If we’re missing something you need, let us know.

Filter Cloth and Gasket Installation


  1. How to Install CGR & NG Filter Cloths
  2. How to Install Filter Plate Gasketing & O-Ring

Filter Press Service and How-to


  1. How to Remove an Expansion Piece
  2. How to Close/Open Manual Filter Press
  3. How to Set Hydraulic Relief Pressure on an Air-Operated Filter Press
  4. How to Reduce Filter Press Capacity


We also know it can be difficult to visualize all of your options when you’re looking to purchase new or rebuilt equipment. Below you’ll find videos that showcase different filter press options.

Filter Cake Discharge


  1. Filter Cake Hopper
  2. Refurbished Filter Press (with conveyor belt)

Filter Plate Shifters


  1. Automatic (with and without bump feature)
  2. Semi-Automatic Options


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