Recycled Wastewater in Breweries

Exploring Wastewater in America’s Growing Brewing Industry

M.W. Watermark™ has often discussed how wastewater occurs in multiple industries around the world. Here, we’ll dig into how wastewater is used in the brewing industry, as well as how the wastewater created during that process can be recycled and minimized.

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Can Recycled Wastewater Be Used to Brew Beer?

Thanks to the less-than-appetizing imagery often associated with the term “wastewater,” it’s easy to think that it’s an unpleasant fluid packed with debris and harmful contaminants. Fortunately, by the time this water completes the treatment process, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, recycled wastewater is used as drinking water in several places around the world, from Australia to Orange County, California and beyond.

Naturally, this means that properly treated wastewater is perfectly fit for use when brewing beers. A renowned California brewery, Stone Brewing, put wastewater into practice when it created a unique beer, entitled Full Circle Pale Ale, using recycled water. The beer was only available at a single event, but CEO Greg Koch reported it was gone in a few hours, suggesting that guests were attracted to the brew’s robust flavor and its environmentally friendly origins. Koch also explained that the water used was “cleaner than normal tap water,” which is possible with proper treatment. Stone’s Full Circle Pale Ale is just one example of how wastewater reuse can benefit areas, like Southern California, that are prone to drought.

Wastewater Created During the Brewing Process

While wastewater can be used to make beer, it’s also created during the process of brewing. Brewery wastewater typically contains high pH levels, which often requires breweries to use their own on-site treatment processes before their wastewater ever reaches a wastewater treatment facility. Highly efficient solid/liquid separation equipment, such as a filter press, is often required due to the solid sediments, such as yeast, that can be found in brewery wastewater.

M.W. Watermark 470mm filter press, manufactured for use in a brewery application.
M.W. Watermark 470mm filter press, manufactured for use in a brewery application.

Equip Your Business with Wastewater Treatment Equipment

You don’t have to own a brewery to reap the benefits of M.W. Watermark’s industrial filtration equipment. Learn more about our products, and then contact M.W. Watermark to discuss your particular industry and application.

M.W. Watermark 470mm filter press, manufactured for use in a brewery application.

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Recycled Wastewater in Breweries

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